Jack C.

This little man gives me the giggles.  He is curious, and playful, and all kinds of happy.  I know kiddos aren’t smiles all the time… but Jack has such a great spirit.

Working with this family for the second time was so much fun.  Thank you for sharing your time with me!

JackChapmanChristmas 2012-15JackChapmanChristmas 2012-10 JackChapmanChristmas 2012-41 JackChapmanChristmas 2012-38 JackChapmanChristmas 2012-19Collage JackChapmanChristmas 2012-23JackChapmanChristmas 2012-8JackChapmanChristmas 2012-25 Collage2JackChapmanChristmas 2012-4JackChapmanChristmas 2012-40Collage4 JackChapmanChristmas 2012-47 JackChapmanChristmas 2012-37

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