This fella spends crazy amounts of time in our yard with our wee man.

We have no idea where he “lives” but we think he likes hanging out with us.  We seem to be his day home?

ME thinks he is a poser!  He sits better than most adults for photos. No joke.

We are not getting a cat.

We aren’t even really wild about cats.

BUT, this young fella has shown up out of nowhere and is growing on us all, especially the little boss in these parts.

Meet KattyKat!  The wee boss gave him that name.  Cleaver.

KattyKat-3 KattyKat-4 KattyKat-5KattyKat-2

KattyKat follows A everywhere.  He helps himself to the garden shed and garage.  He has a human side to him.

I couldn’t resist taking out the lens for this dude.  His amazing eyes are just that… amazing!

KattyKat-6 KattyKat-7

2 thoughts on “KattyKat!

  1. Your “golden eyed” grey tiger is very handsome; what a dignified visit! Enjoy his presence. Nicely captured in your photos 🙂

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