The laughter this family shares is pretty contagious.

I worked with this Daddy way back when.  Wonderful folks.  Welcoming home.  All around BIG HEART kind of feeling.

Thank you guys for sharing your afternoon with me.  I’m thrilled to have the chance to photograph a new addition in ….. August (ISH).

I left your home with giggles and “real life people” vibes.  SIGH!

Madelaine-49 Madelaine-26 CollageMadelaine-21 Madelaine-80 Collage2 Madelaine-75Madelaine-68 Madelaine-44 Madelaine-12 Madelaine-62 Madelaine-25Madelaine-23Madelaine-16 Madelaine-2 Madelaine-3 Collage4Madelaine-79 Madelaine-64 Madelaine-29Madelaine-41

and a few PHOTOBOMBS worth the giggle.


Madelaine-8 Madelaine-81 Madelaine-20Madelaine-11Madelaine-71

One thought on “Madelaine.Lana.Colin.

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I particularly love this post… and the photo-bombing doggie(s)! I’m a photographer “just starting out” into the world of portraiture and I’m excited to check out your work for inspiration 🙂

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