My fist Maternity session.

I don’t really have the words to describe the meaning of this one.

Stephanie is such a beautiful lady.  I have endless hugs for her.

So excited to watch the transition that is about to take place in this woman’s world.

StephanieCicero-53Collage2 StephanieCicero-17At the risk of being a wee bit sappy, I will say this…

There sure needs to be a lot more people in this world like Stephanie.  Honest to goodness.

StephanieCicero-70 Collage StephanieCicero-62StephanieCicero-61 Collage4StephanieCicero-65 StephanieCicero-45 Collage3StephanieCicero-48 StephanieCicero-21StephanieCicero-49StephanieCicero-27 StephanieCicero-13And just for the record…

My guess is GIRL!?  Just sayin…

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