FIRST Birthday!

I was invited to capture an entire birthday celebration.  I’d love to do more of these sessions.

Happy ONE to the twinsies!

They have such distinct personalities, I already know this from our hand full of meetings.  Family from far away shared a pretty special day.

And uhm, Mumma, you have some mad party planning skills!  For reals!

CollageBirthdayCelebrationForBlog-5 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-9 Collage2BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-11 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-57 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-10Collage3BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-25 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-30 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-48 Collage4BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-19 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-27 Collage5 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-63BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-65BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-68 Collage6Collage7 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-81 Collage8BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-87 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-88 BirthdayCelebrationForBlog-92

Those smiles at the end pretty much sum it up!!

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