Pretty little Pixies!

Such a cute family.  In a yard from heaven that they created all on their own.

Spent a really wonderful night with this family and learned a thing or two about twirling in a Princess dress!

MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-9 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-18 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-26 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-19Miller2 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-72 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-69Miller MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-65 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-60 Miller3MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-46 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-66 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-70 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-56 Miller4 Miller5MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-14 MillerHagstromFamilyforBlog-48

Thank you for sharing so many laughs with me…

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