National Association of Professional Child Photographers


I have had the goal to be accepted into the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) since I first discovered the love of my lens.  More specifically before our second little love arrives later this month.

I see huge value for both personal, and career developement in Professional Associations.  They provide a network of resources and support that encourages and nurtures business. I’m thrilled to be accepted into this amazing artistic community.

I did it!

Very excited and proud to continue my learning journey and see what is in store for ShutterBEAN in 2014.

Like all big accomplishments, this one couldn’t have happened without my family.  AMEN for support and love.

HELLO NAPCP!   Thrilled to join you!

2 thoughts on “National Association of Professional Child Photographers

  1. Congratulations on this accomplishment, Sandra! A well-deserved honor indeed. You always skillfully capture the essence of young life with your visual interpretations; your photography speaks volumes. Thank-you for sharing. Totally thrilled for you!! Keep up the good work. You have a supporter in me, for sure, and I will spread the word too.

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