The Dominator!

This session was a very special one.

I spent part of an afternoon at the Alberta Children’s Hospital with Dominic and his extremely inspiring Mom and Dad.

Dominic is fighting for his life and has been in the hospital since September 12th, one month before his first birthday.

Most of this time has been in isolation.  It breaks my heart.  This family smiles and looks ahead and do all the things they need to do to keep moving forward, including working out of town when necessary.  Their story is truly amazing.

What a gift to share some very limited family time with these three.  I am so grateful to have been asked to do this session. It changed my perspective on many many things.

Thank you Dominic, Trish and Sean!  I continue to send prayers to your family and follow your journey.

You can follow sweet Dominic’s story here:

If you are interested in donating, please consider going to this site:

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