Any day now…

This session is especially dear to me as I’m one week out from having our own baby girl.

I can’t wait to meet this Little Miss Muffet! They are the cutest couple.

BabyBforBlog-3 BabyBforBlog-4 BabyBforBlog-11 BabyBforBlog-15 BabyBforBlog-16 BabyBforBlog-22 BabyBforBlog-24 BabyBforBlog-26 BabyBforBlog-28 BabyBforBlog-34 BabyBforBlog-35 BabyBforBlog-39 BabyBforBlog-41 BabyBforBlog-42 BabyBforBlog-44 BabyBforBlog-46 BabyBforBlog-52 BabyBforBlog-53 BabyBforBlog-54 BabyBforBlog-59 BabyBforBlog-60 BabyBforBlog-61 BabyBforBlog-63 BabyBforBlog-64 BabyBforBlog-68

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