Final Fall Session.

This was my last “Fall” session for 2013.

And one of my last before taking a break before our baby arrived.

What a great family.  Found more small world connections with these folks too.  Love that!

BakerOct-3 BakerOct-9 BakerOct-11 BakerOct-12 BakerOct-17 BakerOct-23 BakerOct-32 BakerOct-35 BakerOct-40 BakerOct-43 BakerOct-46BakerOct-29 BakerOct-51 BakerOct-56 BakerOct-47 BakerOct-61 BakerOct-53 BakerOct-49 BakerOct-33BakerOct-52

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