Baby Ben.

Benjamin Layne arrived a few weeks early. I know his Mumma was grateful!

Here is Ben at 3 weeks new.

Teeny little cuddle bug….

Thank you for sharing your home and your family with me Brody & Jaclyn!

BuggyFeb-39BuggyFeb-8 BuggyFeb-25 BabyBen-12BenBuggyFeb-56BuggyFeb-68 BuggyFeb-54 BuggyFeb-50 BuggyFeb-20 Ben-69 BuggyFeb-37BuggyFeb-44 BuggyFeb-29

BuggyFeb-15 Ben2BuggyFeb-9BuggyFeb-48

And for the record I guessed BOY!

Just saying…

One thought on “Baby Ben.

  1. Great pictures, I am Jaclyn’s Great Aunt Pat I remember when Jaclyn was born, her maternal grandmother is my sister. Jaclyn and her brother Luke used to spend time out West in Kimberley with me in the summer and Christmas, I hope she remembers those times.

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