Waiting on a baby…

For the record… I say GIRL?!

and also… I love this Mumma.  She’s one of my favorite friends.  Kind, gentle, and very selfless.  This baby is so very lucky!

ChristisonFamily2015-2ChristisonFamily2015-6ChristisonFamily2015CChristisonFamily2015-3ChristisonFamily2015-4Untitled-2ChristisonFamily2015-5ChristisonFamily2015-6ChristisonFamily2015-17 ChristisonFamily2015-7 ChristisonFamily2015-10ChristisonFamily2015-3ChristisonFamily2015AChristisonFamily2015-16ChristisonFamily2015-14ChristisonFamily2015BChristisonFamily2015-18


Good luck Cynthia and Family.

I’m so excited to meet your new wee one….

One thought on “Waiting on a baby…

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