Afternoon Tea

… at The Banff Springs Hotel.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.


If you could be a Princess for a day how would you spend it?


I heard Miss E say quietly to her Mom… “Mommy, will you please teach me how to hold a tea cup?”. Those words made my heart melt.  So precious.


This session was a very special one.  This little one is named after her Grandma and Mom.  They celebrated her 5th birthday having Afternoon Tea at the castle in the mountains… the Banff Springs Hotel, just the 3 of them.  I was invited along to document the memory. What a lucky group of ladies (myself included).

I’d LOVE to share these memories with others.

If you have a special activity or milestone to remember and would like someone else to document those special details so you can just enjoy the adventure and keep your iPhone in your pocket I’d love to hear from you.  I will be offering special rates for these ‘little’ moments that mean so much.


Thank you ladies for including me.


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